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Custom Commissions
+ Moto/Auto Upholstery 

 Maven was founded as a custom leather auto upholstery and motorcycle seat label in Maine in 2015. The earliest professional leather works of Maven founder, Emma Thieme, were custom leather motorcycle seats. Emma created these leather motorcycle seats for clients all over the United States, designing and building each one at her bare bones workshop in the Maine wilderness where she lived at the time.


For more of that story, click here

Today, Emma considers motorcycle seat and auto upholstery projects on a case-by-case basis. Each project is built in her current studio on the Central Coast of California. 

Below are some non-negotiable terms to consider before reaching out:

Leather projects only. (No vinyl.) 

Because of the location of my current studio, I would prefer to keep foam sculpting to an absolute minimum. Please have a complete seat shape ready to send. Your local marine upholstery shop can help you with the foam portion of your seat. 

I do not build seat pans. 

I do not repair existing upholstery or worn out leather products. 


If you believe mavEn is a good fit for your leather motorcycle seat or custom commission, please contact


Thank you.

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