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Convert Bag 24 | Patchwork Sky

Convert Bag 24 | Patchwork Sky


I've been on a mission lately to find homes for all of my beautiful remnant pieces in my creations. There are so many little pieces that tell their own story and it's impossible for me to forget them, no matter how small. This one of a kind Convert Bag features two remnant pieces from my past indigo dye baths. I love that when you open your bag, there is an entirely new landscape to look at.


I've also increased the size of this Convert Bag design. It is deeper than the previous smaller version, but not as wide as the Convert Bag XL. This is the size that I will stick with moving forward. I've also changed the closure to industrial-strength snaps.




Every Maven design is versatile, but the Convert Bag is our *most* versatile. Thanks to our signature Convert Strap design, this foldover leather purse can be your classic crossbody, a hip bag, a chest bag and it can even be worn with no strap at all --- just clip the strap off and attach the Convert directly to your belt loops for ultimate hands-free freedom. Did we mention it's a clutch, too? 


P.S.: There are two card slips and a pocket on the interior so you can ditch your bulky wallet and feel the power of weightlessness. What more do you need? 

  • Ways to Wear

    • Crossbody
    • Waist 
    • Attached to belt loops
    • Shoulder 
    • Chest
    • Clutch
  • Leather Notes

    Please note that every bison leather hide comes from a free-ranging animal. Expect interesting markings and slight variations in color and texture – all contributing to the uniqueness of the piece. 

    Cayucos, California- based Maven Leather was founded in 2015 by designer Emma Thieme. Each Maven Leather piece is designed to be functional, timeless and minimal. All leather goods are made by hand in the Cayucos studio using materials of the highest quality. 

    Sustainable plant and insect dyeing is incorporated whenever possible and minimal waste is produced in the process.

  • Details

    • Detachable Convert Strap allows you to transition through m