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leather care

Step 1: Don't worry.

These are high quality materials. Maven designs are just as rugged as they are beautiful and created to be used (a lot). Many of the full grain leather hides that we work with are intended for the shoe- and boot-making industry, meaning that they are durable and resistant to the elements. Most Maven designs are made with American Bison (aka Buffalo) leather. Bison leather ages beautifully, getting better and better as it gets used and develops its own unique patina and markings. There is a natural oil within American bison leather that offers protection and a luxurious feel. 

All Maven hardware is solid brass and of premium, industrial-strength quality. In the fast fashion / corporate handbag world, hardware is one of the first materials to get skimped on for mass production. Instead of solid brass hardware, a plated version made with zinc oxide is used. In authentic leather work, solid brass is known for its quality and strength. Your Maven leather bag will have solid brass hardware always, but your designer so-and-so bag almost certainly does not. 

Step 2: Embrace change.

Maven Leather + Design pieces always age gracefully. Your leather will gain even more character and beauty over time. It may darken in some areas and lighten in others. It may gain interesting markings and its own unique patina. These changes all contribute to the richness of your Maven leather piece. 

Carrying a leather bag is a personal thing. It goes wherever you go. It can feel like your friend, or it can feel like your enemy. Your Maven bag works for you, never against you. She holds your important tools and all that you need for your day.  When you look at your Maven bag over time, you'll see where you've been and that's a beautiful thing. 

Bison leather is very strong and resistant to serious damage. Surface scratches can be buffed out with some leather conditioner and a horsehair shine brush, or often just your finger and your own natural oils. 

Water and spills on your leather, also, tend to be fine. Remember that bison leather contains its own natural oils, which often allow water to roll right off of it without any serious damage. If your bag gets wet, let it get to an almost-completely-dry point, and then condition with our recommended leather conditioner. Avoid carrying oil-based products in your bag as these can leak and cause a permanent mark. 

Step 3: Condition naturally. 

Our recommended conditioning product is Skidmore's Leather Cream, which you can purchase from us here


Work the Skidmore's Leather Cream in with your hands or dab some conditioner on a horsehair shine brush for touch-ups. Once you've worked the product into the leather, allow it to rest for a few minutes. Then buff in a circular motion using a lint-free, clean cloth.


How often you condition your leather is ultimately up to you, but we recommend conditioning at least once per year or season and especially if you notice your leather feeling dry to the touch. 


Conditioning will give your leather a darker and more supple feel and will help to soften any surface scratches or marks. Always test a small spot of your leather before committing to the entire design.

Caring for Maven L+D Plant Dyed Leathers:

Botanically-dyed pieces are always the pride and joy of every Maven Leather + Design collection, as they take many days and steps to create. Although these plant dyed leathers are made to be used, they require an extra level of care and attention. Plant dyed leathers should be kept out of direct sunlight whenever possible. (ie: Please, do not store your bag in a hot car or sunny window at home.) Plant dyed leathers should be conditioned regularly with Skidmore's Leather Cream -- a little more often than you would your other leather goods. Like all leathers, expect plant dyed colors to change over time, but regular conditioning will help your leather to look as bright as possible, for as long as possible. Plant dyed leathers are always noted in product descriptions.

Caring for your unique Maven L+D Stitching

Maven leather designs are highlighted with Emma's one-of-a-kind “stitching meditations”. These are stitching details that are completely unique to your special design. Maven leather bags are made with the highest quality, industrial-strength threads, nothing less. Threads are sealed against UV rays so their bright colors will remain true for years to come. Stitches are locked, tied off and burned to prevent unraveling. At times, a small thread tail may appear after use. This is normal and not a cause for concern. If you see a little thread tail, just clip it short and use a lighter to burn the end. If you want to be extra sure, you can put a drop of superglue on a toothpick and gently place it into the stitch hole.

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