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Poor Boy Card Slip | tobacco buffalo

Poor Boy Card Slip | tobacco buffalo

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Something a little funny about my profession: I'm constantly being shown wallets. People love to show me what's working for them, how their leather has aged in wallet form (well), and they love to show me how out of control their overstuffed wallet situation has gotten.


I created the Poor Boy Wallet as a solution to all the bulky, overstuffed wallets that I see out there. (Do you really need all of those reciepts?) It's called the "Poor Boy" because it only fits the essentials -- 6-8 cards and/or a folded wad of cash. My latest update to the design is a thumb slider on the front and back -- allowing your cards to slide easily out of their pocket for quick use. I use the Poor Boy myself and I love it -- it's freed up so much space in my bag. It also fits comfortably and weightlesslly in the front or back pockets of your pants. Free yourself!